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Date and chat with singles in Perth

Singles chat in Perth

Perth, the State Capital of Western Australia, is a great place to meet singles who you may want to later chat with online.

LoveID offers a great way to connect with Perth singles you have just met or would like to meet. Many Perth singles are shy about disclosing personal contact details to those they have just met in a bar or at an event – LoveID offers a safe and secure way to chat and date singles online.

LoveID also offers FREE introductory cards you can give to Perth singles you meet whom you would like to chat with or date at a later time. These cards contain a LoveID code which allows you to safely connect online without disclosing sensitive information such as personal email address or private phone numbers.

LoveID offers a fantastic singles chat service allowing you to get to know your potential date before deciding if you want to take things further.

Date chat in Perth with LoveID

Here are some tips for getting to know your date via chat features.


First and foremost consider your safety. It is not wise to give your personal details to singles you have just met. LoveID offers the perfect venue to chat online which may lead to a date or more. When chatting with other singles, don’t disclose your full name or personal information until you feel ready and have established trust and rapport with the other person. There is no need to disclose private phone numbers unless you are planning to meet in person. You can also use caller ID blocks so the other person cannot track your number.

Build rapport

Make sure you have enough in common with another single to justify a date or meeting them in person. There are many Perth singles to chat and date with so take your time getting to know each other online first.


The great thing about online singles chat and date chat is that you can relax and be yourself. No one knows if you’re in your pajamas and lounging around home. You can chat to Perth singles without the pressures of a ‘first date’. You are free to be yourself without feeling like you have to project a certain image or impress anyone.

Let your personality, sense of humour and quirkiness shine through.

Get more than just singles chat with LoveID

LoveID offers much more than just singles chat and date chat. Once you are allocated your own FREE LoveID code you can easily print off introduction cards to give to Perth singles you would like to date chat further.

LoveID also offers a free geo-targeting application which allows you to locate Perth singles in your immediate vicinity via your mobile phone. You can then date chat with those nearby and easily meet up with them if you so desire.

Personalised wristbands are another way LoveID can help you meet others to singles chat with. By wearing a LoveID wristband for example, you can easily identify others in Perth who are single you might want to date chat with. Singles are more likely to approach you if they know you’re available and looking to meet others.

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