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How to meet single women in Melbourne

Single females in Melbourne

Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, is a great place to meet and date single women. There are a large number of single females in Melbourne – many of whom do not want to be single!

More great news for men is that women greatly outnumber men from age 34 onwards.

This gap widens with age. At age 40 there are 9% more single females than males and by 80 there are 66% more single women than men.

As well as age, where you live can also affect your ability to meet women. Melbourne’s single females are concentrated east of the Yarra at Elwood where there are 1.39 single women aged 25-34 per single male.

However, no matter where you live or what your age, LoveID will help you meet and date single females in Melbourne. LoveID alerts women that you are single and provides a safe and fun way to communicate with them.

How to meet single women in Melbourne

In order to meet women in Melbourne, you have to go to places they like to hang out. You also need to have the right mindset and strategy for meeting them. Attractive women are hit on by men often so may have their defences up. One strategy is to use humour as it will naturally relax a woman and she will let her guard down. If you are both wearing a LoveID, you will instantly have a connection and something in common.

You will also need to be sensitive to the fact that single females don’t necessarily want to give out personal information such as a phone number to men they have just met. LoveID assists with this as you can simply give single women your LoveID introduction card rather than asking for a phone number. Women can then contact you safely online without fear of disclosing personal details.

Bars & Clubs

Melbourne has a great nightlife and bar scene so there are plenty of opportunities to meet and date women here. Popular precincts include Melbourne CBD; Chapel Street, South Yarra; Fitzroy St, St Kilda; Brunswick St, Fitzroy as well as numerous other locations. Single women are more likely to be receptive to approaches by men after they have had a few drinks and are more relaxed. Beware though that not all single women necessarily go to bars to meet men. Many use it simply as an opportunity to dance, get dressed up and hang out with friends. Buying a woman a drink is a nice gesture and she will most likely chat to you whilst waiting at the bar and having the drink. Be fun and friendly, never sleazy or she’ll make a hasty exit. Asking a single woman if she wants to dance is also a good icebreaker. If you are fun she will want to hang around with you. If it is not a bar that offers dancing, just keep the conversation light and interesting and focused on her. If one of you has to leave the bar, be sure to follow up and give her your LoveID introduction card. Many single women will not feel comfortable giving out their phone number so a LoveID card offers a safe and non threatening way to stay in contact. If she is also registered on LoveID you can also write down her LoveID number.

Parks & Gardens

Melbourne has numerous parks and gardens which are great places to meet single women who enjoy keeping fit, the outdoors and walking their dogs. Popular parks close to Melbourne CBD include The Royal Botanic Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Treasury Gardens, King’s Domain, Alexandra Gardens, Flagstaff Gardens and Royal Park. Local parks also provide a good opportunity to meet women. Ensure you are wearing your LoveID so single women can easily spot and approach you.

If you have a cute dog, be sure to take it with you. This is a great icebreaker as many single women like dogs. Engage her in conversation if she stops to pat your dog. Say that she must have a special touch as your dog really likes her. Ask her if she has any pets of her own. If appropriate, give her your LoveID and say you’d love to catch up for a walk or coffee sometime.

Festivals & Sporting Events

It’s no secret that single women love getting dressed up and will often put in hours of effort to look their best. Events such as the Melbourne Cup are teaming with single women dressed to impress and looking to meet men. Single women are more likely to be receptive to your advances when they are looking and feeling their best. They EXPECT to get attention when they are dressed to impress and would most likely feel disappointed if no one appreciated their efforts. Therefore, if you find a woman attractive, tell her so. Compliment her on her dress, hair etc (not her body!) and engage her in conversation. Ask her if she is having a good time and what her plans for the day are. Most single women will engage you in conversation if you are polite and respectful. If she is not interested she will excuse herself. Ask her if she has plans for later in the evening or the following day. If she is busy with her friends, give her your LoveID so she can contact you and get to know you better when she is less distracted by the event.

The Gym

Melbourne has many quality gyms which are a great place to meet single women who are fit, healthy and active.

The best approach is just to be friendly and casual. Start with a smile or hello. Keep any conversation light and non threatening. Don’t ask for her number the first time you meet her - establish a connection and trust first. After you have spoken to her a few times, tell her you would love to get to know her better either online or over coffee. Give her your loveID so she can safely contact you in non threatening environment.

There are many great opportunities to meet and date single women in Melbourne. By always having your LoveID introduction cards handy you can provide a safe way for single females to contact you. By wearing your LoveID you are also providing opportunities for them to meet you as they know you are single and looking for love.

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