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Easily identify single females who are available

Do you find it difficult to meet and approach single females?

Perhaps you are too afraid of approaching attractive single females you would like to date for fear of rejection?

This is understandable. Attractive women often have boyfriends and unless a woman was wearing a wedding ring, there is no way to tell if she is a single female or in a relationship already. She may not be looking to meet men for a variety of reasons.

LoveID has solved this problem by creating special wearable devices, in the form of either a wristband, bag, clothing apparel, and even sports drink bottles with a special identification code on it which can greatly assist men who want to meet women.

A LoveID works in the same way a wedding ring does – instead of telling someone you are married however, it tells them you are single. You can now easily meet identify and meet women who are single by noticing whether they are wearing a LoveID or not.

You can also wear your own LoveID which will help you meet women for dating or more. Your LoveID alerts women that you are single, meaning they are more likely to approach you as they will be less afraid of rejection.

Meet women who are concerned about their privacy

Another obstacle that may reduce your ability to meet women is that they are afraid to give out their personal details to men they have just met. Understandably women are hesitant to provide personal details such as a phone number or email address to a man they have just met which may mean you have no way to contact them after the initial encounter.

This can severely limit your ability to meet women and date women you find interesting and attractive.

Fortunately, LoveID also provides introduction cards you can give to single females you would like to date. The cards have a spot on them to add your LoveID number and allow women to safely and easily contact you via the LoveID website using email or chat features.

No longer do you have to let attractive single females slip away due to their unwillingness to provide a personal phone number.

LoveID also offers a geo-targeting application for the iPhone and Blackberry which allows you to locate single women registered with the site in your immediate vicinity. This provides you with even more opportunities to meet women for dating and more.

Both the geo targeting application and the LoveID introduction cards are available to anyone who registers on the site. You can also invest in a LoveID wristband for a low $10 to start alerting single females you are available for dating or more.

Get the edge on the dating game and meet women more easily – sign up for LoveID today.