Lesbian Dating

Meet and date lesbians in Melbourne

Lesbian Dating in Melbourne


Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, has a diverse culture with a strong focus on art and culture, musicals, festivals, performance, sporting events and fashion throughout the year.

Melbourne is an open-minded city and as part of its unique culture has embraced the gay and lesbian scene making it the perfect place to meet and date lesbians. Melbourne boasts many events and festivals devoted to gays and lesbians which are a great opportunity for dating or to meet new friends.

Meet Lesbians in Melbourne

Here are some suggestions of the best places to meet Lesbians in Melbourne.

Bars & clubs

Melbourne bars are a great place to meet lesbians. Gay and lesbian hotspots include Collingwood, Abbotsford, Fitzroy, Northcote, South Yarra, Prahran and St Kilda.

Melbourne bars with lesbian or ‘girls only’ nights include TankGirl at Ilk Bar, Shebar Grrrlz at the Glass House Hotel, Blonde on the rocks at Eurotrash bar, Girlbar at The Prince of Wales in St Kilda, Coming Out at Circuit Sports Bar.

Many other bars host both gay and lesbians or are ‘lesbian’ friendly. Check online for latest listings.

Festivals & events

Melbourne's gay and lesbian celebration, Midsumma Festival runs for three weeks over summer and showcases gay art, theatre and dance. This is another excellent place for meeting and dating lesbians.

Melbourne’s gay and lesbian community also rallies for the annual Pride March held on the first Sunday of February. Pride March is an open-air celebration culminating starting on Fitzroy Street and finishing with performances on the St Kilda foreshore.

Melbourne’s Queer Film Festival in March screens local and international gay and lesbian features, documentaries and short films, making it a great place to meet Lesbians.

ChillOut is another great opportunity to meet and date Lesbians with a three day gay and lesbian celebration of dancing, music and markets held every March in country towns Daylesford and Hepburn.

Make sure you wear your LoveID at each festival you attend so others know you are single and looking to meet lesbians. Also take your LoveID introduction card which you can give to those you would like to get to know better after the event.

Sports teams

Sports teams are another great way to meet lesbians and for lesbian dating. Melbourne has a whole league for lesbians which is a great place to meet lesbians for dating or friendship.

You don’t have to be an athlete to participate. Many of the teams will have lesbians in the stands watching. It can be an excellent opportunity to meet other lesbians. Be sure to wear your LoveID so others know you are single and looking to date other women. You can also take your LoveID introduction cards to hand out to any lesbians you might meet increasing your chances for lesbian dating.


Friends are another way to meet lesbians in Melbourne. Let friends and coworkers know that you want to meet other lesbians and bisexuals. Once you meet one or two lesbians that you get along with, you may end up meeting their friends and be welcomed into a whole new circle of people. This can open up your lesbian dating options dramatically.

The Internet

Although our unique ID for meeting people while you're out and about is great, the LoveID website is still a very resourceful way of meeting new people. The bar or cafe that you might go to may not be the one that your perfect match goes to. So by using the internet to view local women with the same interests as yourself opens up a whole new window of dating opportunities.


There are a number of Melbourne churches that are welcoming towards gays and lesbians which can offer a great way to meet new people and could lead to lesbian dating.