Gay Dating

Meet and date gays in Melbourne

Where to meet gays in Melbourne

Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, is widely known as the cultural capital of Australia with its array of cafes, laneways, bars, a uniquely lively nightlife and shopping districts like none other. Melbourne audiences love arts and culture, with musicals, festivals, performances, music and events throughout the year.

Melbourne's gay dating scene not only reflects this lifestyle, but also hosts one of Australia's favourite gay and lesbian club scenes. This makes it the perfect city to meet gays and for gay dating.

North of Melbourne CBD has a strong lesbian and alternative gay scene with retail stores and bars in Collingwood, Fitzroy, Abbotsford and Northcote providing a vibrant indie/grunge atmosphere that oozes Melbourne culture. South of Melbourne CBD, lie South Yarra and Prahran sporting the latest designer fashion and a gay club scene on Commercial Road, Melbourne's main gay dating strip. St Kilda also boasts several gay bars making it the perfect place for meeting and dating gays.

Melbourne's gay and lesbian celebration, Midsumma Festival runs for three weeks over summer and showcases gay art, theatre and dance. Another great place to meet and date other gay people!

Melbourne’s gay community also rallies for the annual Pride March held on the first Sunday of February. Pride March is an open-air celebration culminating starting on Fitzroy Street and finishing with performances on the St Kilda foreshore.

Another great opportunity to meet and date gays is Melbourne’s Queer Film Festival. Local and international gay features, documentaries and short films are screened during this 10 day festival, including a closing night screening and party. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet gays and for gay dating!

ChillOut is another great opportunity to meet gays and for gay dating with a three day gay and lesbian celebration of dancing, music and markets held every March in country towns Daylesford and Hepburn.

Gay Dating in Melbourne

Now that you know WHERE to meet gays in Melbourne, let’s look at gay dating and HOW to actually get a date with those you meet.

The first thing to do is to approach someone gay and introduce yourself. This can be unnerving at first but the only way to overcome your fears is to face them. Get their name as early as possible in the conversation. Establish trust and build rapport. Compliment them on something they are wearing or their hairstyle. Gay people often take pride in their appearance and will be flattered you noticed their efforts.

As many bars and festivals can be busy, say you would like to continue the conversation at a later time. Ask for their email address or phone number so you can contact them later. If they refuse or are unsure, you can provide them with your LoveID card. Gay people as with anyone can be wary giving out personal details to those they have just met so tell them you understand their hesitation and suggest the contact you via the LoveID website. This will provide gays you would like to date an opportunity to get to know you in a safe and secure manner online without disclosing personal information.

If you don’t have the opportunity to talk to a gay person you are interested in you can also trying sending them a drink from the bar along with your LoveID card and a note. You can also directly approach them and say something such as, “I’d love to get to know you better but I can see you’re busy right now. Feel free to contact me online if you’re interested” and hand them your LoveID card. You can simply give them the card and let them follow up in their own time avoiding any need for uncomfortable silences or rejection.

You can also ask someone gay for their own LoveID if they have one and follow them up accordingly.

Your LoveID is sure to provide you with more opportunities to meet gays and for gay dating with those who would otherwise hesitate to disclose personal information.