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Meet Gays in your city


If you’re interested in gay dating and want to meet new people, LoveID is the perfect tool to help you.

Gay dating can often be a challenge. Not only do you have to identify who is gay but you also have to identify whether someone is single and looking to meet.

By going to a specific gay dating bar or event you can be pretty sure you will meet gays, but you are still faced with the challenge of working out whether someone is single or not.

Most people are afraid of rejection and may hesitate to approach someone if they are not sure whether they are single or interested in gay dating. Unless they are wearing a wedding ring, it can be difficult to tell if someone is in a relationship or otherwise unavailable.

This makes it difficult or intimidating to meet someone you might find attractive for fear of rejection.

LoveID has solved this problem by creating special wearable devices known as a “LoveID”, either as a wristband, bag, clothing apparel and even sports drink bottles with a special identification code on it which can be used by those looking to meet gays or for gay dating.

This can make it a lot easier to meet gays and participate in the gay dating scene. By wearing a “LoveID” you are letting others know you are looking and are interested in dating. This means you will get approached more often by others who are also looking to meet gays.

If you are interested in gay dating but don’t feel comfortable enough to approach someone, you can also note down their LoveID number if they are wearing one and look them up online at at a later stage.

If you are looking to meet gays and partake in gay dating, LoveID offers a safe and secure method of communication. Members don’t have to disclose personal details such as a phone number until they feel ready. Instead they can provide others with a “LoveID” which links to their profile and allows members to connect online. “Introduction cards” are also a great method to allow other singles you would like to meet or date to contact you in a safe, secure manner.

ALso by having "Verification Score", you have the added advantages of knowing those you are interested in dating are ‘real’ people, not fake or exaggerated profiles which is often the case on dating sites.

Meet singles and date singles in this fun and unique way – you never know who you might meet on your daily commute or on a trip to the supermarket!

LoveID also requires no extra time commitment for those who wish to meet gays and are interested in gay dating. There’s no trawling through profiles and sending endless emails hoping for a response. Users simply wear their LoveID at the places they normally frequent to alert others they are interested in gay dating.

So improve your gay dating experience and meet gays wherever you go. Register FREE below for instant access to the site and your own LoveID number and introduction cards.