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Everything you need to know to meet and date singles in Melbourne!

Meet Singles in Melbourne

Melbourne is a great place to meet singles and date single people in Melbourne. With a population of over 4 million you have plenty of options when looking for a date in Melbourne.

Melbourne is also very multi-cultural with almost a quarter of Melbourne’s population born overseas. Melbourne has residents from over 233 countries who follow 116 religious faiths. If you are interested to meet singles and date singles of your religious group such as Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Buddist or Muslim you are sure to have plenty of options in Melbourne.

With the second largest Asian population in Australia, Melbourne is also a great place to meet and date Asian singles.

Date single people in Melbourne

Melbourne is renowned for its culture, arts, entertainment, nightlife, shopping, gardens and parks. Singles will not be short of ideas for a date in Melbourne.

Melbourne has a year round repertoire of art and culture for you to choose from for the perfect date if you are single. Offerings range from comedy shows, Broadway spectaculars, film festivals, exhibitions, dance performances, opera, theatre and shows. Ask your date about their favourite activities and you are sure to impress them with an exciting date in Melbourne.

Melbourne hosts many sporting events such as football, cricket, soccer and tennis at the MCG and various arenas. This is also a good option for a date in Melbourne. With so many passionate people around – singles should make sure they wear a LoveID for extra attention!

Melbourne has a maze of historic arcades and laneways for you to explore on a date in Melbourne. These include fine dining restaurants, chic cafes, hidden bars and fashion boutiques. If you are single and out at any of these types of venues in Melbourne – be sure to wear your LoveID to meet and attract other singles!

There are a large number of parks and gardens in Melbourne which can be the perfect place for a date. The Royal Botanic Gardens, in particular, are regarded as among the world's finest botanic gardens and are situated within a few hundred metres of Melbourne’s CBD. If you are single, be sure to wear your LoveID when you go to any of Melbourne’s parks as you never know when you might run into another attractive single who would be interested in a date!

The Yarra River is another attraction in Melbourne, perfect for a picnic, cruise or dinner date with other single people.

Melbourne has great bars and nightlife and this is another great place to meet singles and date single people. Choose from the Chapel Street precinct, St Kilda, or Melbourne’s CBD to meet other quality singles to date. A LoveID helps singles spot each other, making it easy for you to arrange that first date.

Now that you know what a great place Melbourne is to meet singles and date single people – it’s time to get out there! Let LoveID help you by alerting others that you are single and helping you to communicate with other singles online in a safe and non threatening way.

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