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No matter what city you live in, LoveID will provide you with ample opportunities to meet singles and date single people.

Perhaps you have had trouble in the past trying to meet singles and date single people in your city. You may have felt too shy to approach interesting people for dating or more. Perhaps you weren’t sure if they were looking to meet singles or date single people such as yourself. Unless someone is wearing a wedding ring it is difficult to tell if they are in a relationship or looking to meet someone. They may not be interested to meet singles or date single people for a variety of reasons.

This makes it difficult or intimidating to approach someone attractive or interesting for fear of rejection.

LoveID has solved this problem by creating "LoveID" wristbands, business cards, and clothing with a special identification code which can be worn by those looking to meet singles or date singles.

This can make the task of meeting singles and dating singles much easier. By wearing a “LoveID” you are letting other available singles know you are looking to meet singles and date single people. This means you will get approached more often by others who are also looking for love.

If you don’t feel comfortable or unable to approach someone that's wearing a LoveID, whether it be a wristband, bag, or clothing, you can easily write down the number and look them up on the website and contact them online.

This is an innovative safe and secure approach that gives singles more options to meet and date singles than traditional online dating alone.

For those looking to meet singles and date single people, the site offers a safe and secure method of communication. Singles don’t have to disclose personal details such as a phone number. Instead they can provide other singles with a “LoveID” which links to their profile and allows members to connect online. “Introduction cards” can also be printed off the site for free and allow other singles you would like to meet or date to contact you in a safe, secure manner. Neither person needs to disclose personal information until they feel ready.

Singles who meet initially in person also have the other advantage of knowing those they would like to meet or date are “real” people and do not have to worry about “fake” profiles with misleading photographs.

Meet singles and date singles in this fun and unique way – you never know who you might meet on your daily commute or on a trip to the supermarket!

Best of all, LoveID requires no extra time commitment for those who wish to meet singles and date singles, simply fill out your profile with as much information as you desire, fill in the "What I'm after section", and simply wear the LoveID at the places you normally frequent and let the LoveID do the searching for you!

So improve your chances of meeting the man or woman of your dreams – register FREE below for instant access to the site and your own LoveID number and introduction cards.