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How to meet and date men in Melbourne using LoveID

Date men in Melbourne

Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, is a great place to meet and date new men. With a population of over 4 million of which approximately half are male, there are plenty of men to date in Melbourne.

Melbourne is a vibrant city with many events and activities so there are plenty of opportunities to meet new men.

How to meet men in Melbourne

In order to meet men in Melbourne, you have to go to places they like to hang out.

Bars & Clubs

Melbourne has a great nightlife and bar scene so there are plenty of opportunities to meet and date men here. Bars are one of the oldest ways to meet Melbourne men but it works. A few drinks can make it easier to approach and engage in conversation with a man. Choose your bar and timing wisely. For example, Melbourne bars which are busier earlier in the evening 5-10pm may attract men having after work drinks whereas bars which kick off later in the evening may attract men who like to party all night. Think about the type of man you are trying to meet and which Melbourne bars they might frequent.

Parks & Gardens

Melbourne has numerous parks and gardens which are great places to meet men who enjoy keeping fit, the outdoors and walking their dogs. Popular parks close to Melbourne CBD include The Royal Botanic Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Treasury Gardens, King’s Domain, Alexandra Gardens, Flagstaff Gardens and Royal Park. Of course, there are probably numerous local parks in your area which would an ideal location to meet men. Ensure you are wearing your LoveID so single men can easily spot and approach you. You can also take your LoveID introduction card which you can give to men you may like to date in the future.

Car and Boat Shows

Many men like cars and boats and this can be a great way to meet Melbourne men. Melbourne hosts the Australian Grand Prix in March each year which attracts thousands of car enthusiasts. Men vastly outnumber women at these events making it a perfect opportunity to meet single men.

Sporting Events

If you are wondering how to meet men in Melbourne then sporting events may be your answer. Many men enjoy sports and Melbourne hosts numerous events such as the Australian Open, The Melbourne Cup, AFL, Cricket and Soccer to name just a few. Choose your favourite sport and you are bound to meet passionate Melbourne men there.


Church can be a great place to meet and date Melbourne men who may share similar values as you do. You are likely to meet men here who hold traditional values, are respectful of women and looking for a long term relationship. Some churches also have programs for single men and women who would like to meet others that share their beliefs.

Business Conferences

Career oriented men are also likely to attend business conferences in order to upgrade their skills. If you would like to meet and date Melbourne men who are interested in investing, finance or business then attend one of these events in your area.

The Gym

Melbourne has many quality gyms which are a great place to meet men who enjoy health and fitness. If you don’t already attend a gym, many offer you a temporary free membership so you can try them out. Many gyms also offer group fitness or dance classes which can be a great way to meet Melbourne men. Be sure to wear your LoveID and take introduction cards to hand out to attractive men you might meet at the gym.

By now, you hopefully realise that there are many great opportunities to meet and date men in Melbourne. Give yourself the best opportunity to get noticed by wearing your LoveID wherever there might be interesting Melbourne men. Be sure to always take your LoveID introduction cards with you so you can be easily and safely contacted by any Melbourne men you might meet when out.

The great thing about LoveID is that it will help you meet men in Melbourne at places you already frequent. You don’t necessarily have to make major changes to your routine or schedule. Nor do you have to spend large amounts of time on dating websites. Simply wear your ID at places you normally go and have some introduction cards ready to give to interesting men you might meet.