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How to Meet Men and Date Men using LoveID

Meet men and date men both online and offline

How to meet men and date men is a question many women ask themselves.

Whilst many have tried online methods to meet men and date men, many have found this alone to be ineffective.

Whilst 30% of couples meet online, 70% of couples do not. Therefore by choosing online methods alone to meet and date men you may be seriously limiting your chances of meeting Mr Right. Online methods also suffer difficulties such as fake profiles or pictures and people lying about themselves.

One clear advantage of dating sites however is that at least you know the people on the site are looking to meet others. In the real world there is no real way of knowing if the men you want to meet and date were single or not unless they were wearing ring. Although not wearing a wedding ring, they may be in a committed relationship or not looking for a variety of reasons.

This can make it difficult to approach men you would like to meet or date for understandably being afraid of rejection

LoveID has solved this problem by creating special wearable devices known as a “LoveID” often a wristband with a special identification code on it.

In the same way a wedding ring tells the world you are married – a LoveID tells the world you are looking for love. You can now easily meet men and date men who are single by noticing whether they are wearing a LoveID or not.

Meet men and date men by making it easier for them to approach you

Another reason women may find it difficult to meet men and date men is that they prefer men to approach them rather than to initiate contact. Unfortunately, this can severely limit your ability to meet and date quality men to have a relationship with. This is because men are afraid of rejection. If you are an intelligent and attractive female, men will be even more concerned about rejection or will assume you have a boyfriend.

LoveID overcomes this by providing unique wristbands, bags, and clothing apparel you can wear to alert successful and attractive men that you are single and looking for love. By alerting men you are single, you will meet men and date men more often, receive more attention and have more options for choosing a quality partner.

LoveID also provides you with an introduction card, helping you to break the ice and provide a way for men to contact you in a safe and non threatening way.

By wearing your LoveID, men in your city will know you are single and would like to meet men and date men. Take your LoveID introduction cards wherever you go so you can be easily and safely contacted by interesting men you might meet when out.

The time efficient way to meet men and date men

LoveID allows you to meet men easily without making major changes to your lifestyle. You simply wear your ID at places you normally frequent such as the grocery store and have some introduction cards ready to give to interesting men you might meet and want to date.

By wearing a LoveID, you no longer have to focus all your time on Internet websites. You can simply do the activities you already enjoy and simply wear your LoveID to alert men you are single.

Meet men and date men in a safe, secure manner

Perhaps you have met an interesting or attractive man whilst out at a bar or other event and he asked for your number. Perhaps you hesitated and thus missed the opportunity to get to know him further.

Whilst you might be eager to meet men and date men, as a woman you should also be cautious about giving your personal details to men you have just met.

LoveID gives you the tools to easily meet men and date men you meet in everyday life and provides a safe and secure way of getting to know them either online or offline. With LoveID you don’t have to disclose your personal details such as email and phone number until you feel ready. Instead you can provide men you would like to meet or date with your “LoveID” code which links to your profile and allows you to connect online. You can also provide men with your LoveID “introduction card” allowing you to connect safely online.

How to meet men should no longer be a mystery. LoveID allows you to be approached more often by quality men whilst keeping your details safe and secure. You can also approach men in safety and confidence by providing them with your LoveID introduction card.

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