Charity & Sponsorship

LoveID Charity & Sponsorship is committed to sponsoring causes, charities and human endeavours which we see as beneficial to humanity. 

We will accept nominee applications to be included on our charity and sponsorship list. Donations made will be listed below where applicable. 

Our rules for acceptance and donation are still in draft but it expected that the following guidelines will apply:

A charity must be able to produce audited accounts that show that the (large) majority of funds are applied to the cause which they promote. Remuneration and benefits for the management team of the charity must also be supplied. Charities which only pay out a small portion of their funds yet remunerate their management generously need not apply. Charities which are not government registered when such facility exists in their country need not apply. 

Any cause should be for the greater good of humanity and not tied to the promotion of any particular religion or belief system. This may or may not apply to a political situation. 

We may sponsor individuals in their own pursuit of personal achievement.

We may sponsor people, companies, associations or other incorporated bodies which are trying to provide a positive benefit to a person, persons, groups, animal, animals, environment or scientific endeavour.

If you want us to sponsor your cause or situation, please apply via the Contact Us page. Your situation maybe voted on by our members. The final decision will be made by the management of

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