Security: For Your Peace of Mind

Your Peace of Mind means you having control over privacy and identity until you're ready to share it. 

There are plenty of bad dating stories. You may even have one. If you don't, you don't need one. 

LoveID provides two major benefits:

1. It allows you to hand over your special LoveID secure contact details to someone you've met briefly or met online.

2. Your regular contact details are not shared until you decide to but you can still make phone calls, SMS and email each other until you are comfortable. 

For example, let's say Jane meets Bob online. They have been chatting online for a while and have decided to meet up. Bob says "give me your number in case I'm running late." Jane thinks that's fair. She meets Bob in person and the meeting is awkward. They don't really hit it off. Jane makes an excuse to go. Bob thinks there's still a chance. Jane is being polite but is happy to move on. Bob keeps ringing on the following days. Jane keeps saying no. Bob doesn't get the hint. Jane is getting frustrated.

There's many variations of the above story and it works both ways. It always helps to maintain your privacy at least until your first meeting. 

With your LoveID, you can maintain an open conversation using any communication method you like but if you've met your 'Bob' and you don't think it's going to work out, you can politely say no more and block future communication. 

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