LoveID Difference

So how does LoveID protect you and allow you to make phone calls, SMS and email without sharing your regular contact information?

Easy, we provide every sort of communication method you need - but keep your identity private.

On the website, there's internal email, e-cards, online text chat, audio & video chat (coming soon).

If you're not on the website, your LoveID code number becomes an email address:

Anyone can email you at [email protected] We'll pass the email through to your nominated email. The email will be addressed from [email protected] You can reply and it will get passed through again...stripping out your real email address. 

To send SMS text messages

You get your local LoveID SMS number in your country and simply send the SMS

@THEIR-ID "your message"

e.g. @ABC123 hey, I'm running late - see you in 20 minutes.

The recipient will receive a text from their local LoveID number:

@YOUR-ID "your message"

e.g. @DEF456 hey, I'm running late - see you in 20 minutes.

Need to make a phone call?

Easy, just SMS "CALL @THEIR-ID" and send it to the LoveID SMS number. Our servers will ring you back and connect the call. 

e.g. SMS "CALL @ABC123". Within moments you'll get a call back. The system will call the person with ID:ABC123 and they'll get an announcement they are receiving a LoveID call from ID:DEF456. If they accept the call, you'll be talking to each other. If it's not a good time, they can choose not to accept the call.

So, if 2 weeks later, things aren't working out, you can simply SMS "block @THEIR-ID" or click the Block option on the website. All communication methods stop working. 

Your privacy, safety, security and peace of mind is assured.

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