Phone Help & Local Contact Numbers

Your LoveID code number can be used to send SMS messages between other LoveID numbers without disclosing your mobile phone number. Ideal for protecting your privacy and security. 

To send SMS text messages

Simply send the SMS to your local LoveID SMS number in your country (see the list below)

@THEIR-ID "your message"

For example:  @ABC123 hey, I'm running late - see you in 20 minutes.

The recipient will receive a text from their local LoveID number:

@YOUR-ID "your message"

For example:  @DEF456 hey, I'm running late - see you in 20 minutes.

In some countries, we may offer virtual mobile numbers for subscription members so no ID prefix is required - please read this for more information.

Need to make a phone call?

Easy, just SMS "CALL @THEIR-ID" and send it to the LoveID SMS number. Our servers will ring you back and connect the call. 

e.g. SMS "CALL @ABC123". Within moments you'll get a call back. The system will call the person with ID:ABC123 and they'll get an announcement they are receiving a LoveID call from ID:DEF456. If they accept the call, you'll be talking to each other. If it's not a good time, they can not accept the call.

So, if 2 weeks later, things aren't working out, you can simply SMS "block @THEIR-ID" or click the Block option on the website. All communication methods stop working. 

Your Local Contact Numbers

This list will be growing constantly - if you've signed up and your country isn't here yet - let us know and we'll get it happening as soon as possible!

If your country is not yet available - please use the USA or your nearest SMS number to send messages.

NOTE: where possible - voice calls and text messages received from LoveID should always come from the local number in your country below. This may vary in some countries depending on the carrier policies. 

Country Number Number (digits) SMS Voice
Australia +61 449 29 LOVE +61 449 29 5683 Yes Yes
USA +1 9528 LOVEID +1 9528 568 343 Yes Yes
Canada +1 519 800 LOVE +1 519 800 5683 Yes Yes
UK +44 20 33 22 10 ID +44 20 33 22 1043 Yes Yes
France +33 9 75 18 21 ID +33 9 75 18 21 43 SOON Yes
Ireland +353 76 680 10 ID +353 76 680 10 43 SOON Yes
Poland +48 58 881 00 58 +48 58 881 00 58 SOON Yes
Portugal +351 308 802 667 +351 308 802 667 SOON Yes

NOTE: You cannot make phone calls by calling the number direct - you must send the SMS  "CALL ID#"

SMS and phone calls will work all across the world from your local number. Note - both parties are charged credits for phone calls as we need to make a call to each phone. Call rates vary by country and will be published here soon as we finalise the charges in each country.

When you receive a LoveID call, you will hear a voice prompt telling you this is a call from LoveID and the ID number that is calling. You may choose not to accept the call if the timing does not suit.

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