About LoveID

What is LoveID?

  • It's a dating web site
  • It's a system of communication 
  • It's a discreet way to advertise that you're available
  • It keeps your privacy and safety a priority

Welcome, my name is Harry, founder of LoveID. 

The original idea for LoveID was born circa 2007 to provide a way to advertise or let people know you were available - maybe. 

Not everyone wants to tell the world they're single, so it was discreet. Our first product was a silicone wrist band. We also had self-print business cards which offered your LoveID code number so someone could look you up. 

Fast forward to 2011 and the LoveID evolved to solve the next dating challenge - how to give out contact details without regretting it later. 

Maybe you already maintain that special 'temporary' email address to give out to people you meet but perhaps not sure just yet. Perhaps you even have a second phone number especially for dating.

With LoveID, you don't need any of that anymore. Just use your LoveID code number to SMS, ring or email people. You have total control and can block anyone at the click of a button or SMS. None of your regular contact details will be passed on. You decide when to share your more intimate details. 

LoveID is perfect for those first few dates where perhaps you want to maintain the privacy until you're sure this might go further. 

LoveID is complementary with every other dating site - just use it as needed. Since the basic plan is free, it won't cost anything to have that peace of mind. 

And if you still want to show someone else you might be available, the LoveID self-promotion tools have expanded. From the original silicone bracelet, we now offer custom printed business cards to t-shirts, mugs or phone skins. 

That chance meeting of someone you meet doesn't have to be wasted or result in the "what if?". You can slip them a LoveID business card (intro card) and if the feeling is mutual, maybe something can happen. 

Fate happens. Your paths cross. Perhaps it's a one in a million. Don't waste an opportunity. There's nothing to get embarrassed about as there's no personal details exposed. It's all anonymous until you take the next step.

LoveID is perfect for rock stars or individuals. Anyone who wants to be contacted on their terms. 

Find out more on the home page or join up and see for yourself. It's free and no obligation. 

See you on the inside, 



Founder, LoveID.com

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