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Your eyes met for a moment. And as you passed one another, you wish you could have done more than smile.

Could they have been your soulmate or the stalker from hell?

With LoveID you can break the ice with your potential soulmate, and give them a way to contact you safely.

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Use LoveID as an ice breaker - slip them an intro card with a hello. It's anonymous, safe & easy to approach anyone. Or maybe wear a t-shirt with a LoveID QR Code.
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Three levels of profiles, photo albums, our Match Sense TM system, ecard, text chat, email, SMS, phone calls & video chat (coming soon).
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LoveID's exclusive match making system can help you find your match.

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Meet New People

LoveID is a new way of starting relationships and meeting people safely using a special identification code. The code keeps your identity safe, and you can choose to reveal as much or as little as you want.

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LoveID Difference

With your unique LoveID, you can email, SMS or make phone calls - all without sharing your real contact details. If you have any issues, just block that person. All communication methods stop working.

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How it Works

LoveID can work with any phone - no apps necessary to communicate safely and anonymously. Old phone or new phone, you can use LoveID to meet more people anytime, anywhere.

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